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Club History

Our story begins with a foundation rooted in dedication and a pursuit of greatness. Jhapa FC is more than a club; it's a vibrant community where seasoned professionals and ardent football enthusiasts unite, creating something truly extraordinary. Beyond the pitch, we cultivate an environment that nurtures talent, promotes sportsmanship, and instills pride in every member of the Jhapa FC family. Driven by a visionary spirit, our goal is not just to compete but to lead, setting new benchmarks in Nepali football. We aspire to be more than a team; we aim to be a symbol of sporting excellence, resilience, and community impact. At the core of our philosophy lies the ambition to be recognized as not just a football club but a standard-bearer for what can be achieved in the realm of football. Jhapa FC is not merely a club; it's a movement, a collective endeavor to elevate the status of football in Nepal. Join us on this exhilarating journey where every cheer, every goal, and every triumph contribute to the rich tapestry of our history. Together, let's forge history and propel Jhapa FC to the pinnacle, solidifying our position as the premier football club in Nepal. Embrace the future of Nepali football with us.